Your personal golf trainer (UpT Golf) is an app for golfers, athletes, and coaches. For athletes, the app helps to significantly improve the technique of the game.
And for coaches, it helps them earn money.
Powered by Computer Vision and Artificial intelligence
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High-Speed Photography (Super Slow Motion) employs cutting-edge technology to analyze and improve golf playing techniques. Specifically, the platform's functional requirements include video recording in various modes, with options for frames per second (FPS) ranging from 30 to 240 and quality from 480p to FullHD. This allows athletes and coaches to meticulously analyze the swing technique, utilizing high-speed photography for slow-motion playback and precise study of impact moments, movements, and body positioning during play.
Visual Annotations, Drawing
The platform offers tools for video processing, including drawing over videos (lines, shapes, angles), as part of its recommended features. This enables coaches and athletes to visually highlight key aspects of technique, improving understanding and correction of errors.
AI Reports on Basic Errors's artificial intelligence analyzes videos, identifying up to 5 errors in the swing at the initial stage. This allows players to receive instant assessments of their shots with feedback mechanisms, facilitating effective learning and self-improvement.
Benefits for Golfers offers golfers a revolutionary approach to improving their game by providing in-depth analytical data and personalized insights that were previously available only to professionals. Using our app, players gain access to precise analysis of their swings, can track their progress, and receive individual recommendations for skill development, making the training process more efficient and enjoyable.
Precise Swing Analysis provides detailed reports on every aspect of the swing, including speed, angle, and accuracy, allowing players to understand and enhance their technique based on data.
Progress Tracking
Integrated tracking tools allow golfers to see their improvements over time, set goals, and celebrate achievements, maintaining motivation and the pursuit of excellence.
Interaction with Coaches
The platform facilitates communication with experienced coaches for professional assessment and advice, which is an invaluable resource for skill development and game strategy improvement.
The athlete pans his or her smartphone on the tripod and makes a video recording of the workout or a specific movement. The app analyzes the movement, identifies phases and basic errors, and gives recommendations on how to improve technique.
If there is not enough information, the video can be sent to the coach, who will analyze, mark up the movement and give text and audio recommendations on the phases of impact, where there are errors (additional payment to the coach)
Mobile first platform that connects athletes, coaches and AI to boost coaching efficiency