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Benefits for Coaches
  • 1
    Access to a Global Audience
    Break geographical barriers and give lessons to golfers worldwide.
  • 2
    Flexibility in Operation
    Work on your terms without being tied down to golf club schedules.
  • 3
    Remote Training
    Ability to teach even in pandemic situations or other restrictions.
  • 4
    Easy Monetization
    For each successful analysis, you earn UpT.coins, easily convertible to dollars at the rate of 1$=1UpT.coins.
  • 5
    Enhanced Visibility
    Increase your visibility amongst golfers looking for professional coaching.
  • 6
    Free Access
    Coaches gain free access to the platform, unveiling a plethora of teaching tools and expanding their clientele.
Earnings Scheme
for Golf Coaches on the UpT Platform
Video Analysis
  1. The trainer registers and independently determines the cost of one video analysis.
  2. Users send their video for analysis to the coach via the app.
  3. After analyzing the video and providing recommendations, the coach receives UpTcoins.
  4. The coach can exchange the received UpTcoins for real money.
Connecting Golfers by CoachOnline language classes
  1. Every coach is provided with a unique code.
  2. If a golfer enters a coach's code during registration and payment for an annual PRO plan, they receive the 13th month of using the PRO plan for free.
  3. The coach receives 20% of the cost of the golfer's annual plan upon their first payment.
  4. In subsequent payments by the golfer for the annual PRO plan, the coach receives 5% of its cost.
  5. The number of users a coach can connect is unlimited.
Connecting Another Coach by a Coach
  1. A coach can bring another coach into the system using their unique code.
  2. When students of the connected coach pay for their plan, the initiating coach receives 5% of the cost.
Registration Process
Fill out the application form on the website.
Ensure that all fields are correctly filled in. Double-check for any errors or missing information before submitting. This will speed up the verification process.
Upload documents verifying your qualifications.
Make sure the documents are clear and legible. They should be up-to-date and relevant to the platform's requirements. Accepted formats typically include PDF and JPG.
Once reviewed by the moderator, you will be granted access to the platform.
After the moderator's approval, you will receive a confirmation email with login details. The platform's finance team will also provide you with the necessary banking information to facilitate any future transactions.