Useful materials
In this section you will find a collection of videos, exercises and articles designed to improve your technique, fitness and strategic thinking in golf, offering solutions to common problems and improving your playing skills.
  • MyTPI - A fitness program for golfers, including player testing, determining movement limits, and developing personalized training programs. The platform offers a comprehensive approach to improving physical conditioning specifically for golf.

  • PGA Tour Stats - The official site for news and statistics on professional golf, featuring detailed gameplay statistics from the professional tour, updates on competitions, players, and tournament results.

  • IMG Academy Golf Program - A golf academy offering training programs for golfers of different levels. The programs include technical preparation, physical training, and psychological support.

  • Phil Mickelson Official Site - The official website of Phil Mickelson, a renowned professional golfer. The site offers a unique perspective on the game, training tips, equipment choices, and personal stories.

  • Russian Golf Association - The site of the Russian Golf Association, providing information on player handicaps, tests on golf rules, tournament schedules, and results. It also lists professional players and golf coaches in Russia.

  • Lumen Sports Golf Nutrition - A resource on nutrition for golfers, offering advice and recommendations for optimal nutrition to improve gameplay performance and overall health.

  • MyNetDiary - A platform for planning and tracking nutrition that can be useful for golfers looking to maintain a balanced diet and optimize their nutrition for better performance.

  • Swing Catalyst - Downloads - Resources for analyzing golf gameplay, including software for motion analysis and improving players' balance.

  • FlightScope - An alternative to Trackman, offering technologies for analyzing ball flight and golf swings. FlightScope is used for detailed study of strokes and can be integrated with other systems to improve the training process.

  • Bull3D - Specializes in golf biomechanics, offering exercises and techniques for improving movements and gameplay efficiency.

  • AimPoint Golf - A resource that could be useful for studying and practicing green play. AimPoint Golf offers techniques and exercises for improving accuracy and strategy on the green.