How often have you put off going to the gym just because you have to get packed, arrive, then to work out, in a best-case scenario, with a trainer and to go back home then? And even with such a complex process you’ve never noticed the desired result. Why is it so? Most probably, just simple sports activities are not enough, a complex approach and technique setting with a specialist are needed.

💪🏻Working together with a tutor is one of the key elements of success in sportsmen’s training. But where can one find a tutor? There are not so many experts, and it’s hard to reach them, what’s more, the price of such trainings is quite high. For many sports like tennis, golf, combat and others it is crucial to set a correct technique of athlete’s movements of attacking, which is almost impossible to do without a specialist.

So, what is to be done? One can continue “working out”, agreeing with unimpressive results, trying to find a good trainer in order to improve the situation, changing dozens of trainers, spending a lot of money and never see the result you’ve been dreaming about.
There is a solution. What would you say if right now, being anywhere in the world, you could improve your technique not according to a template, but individually with tutors of Olympic champions? Such a solution exists and it is Your personal trainer (UpT).

The UpT’s technologies allow to improve the athlete’s technique thanks to getting feedback from professional trainers and / or a system of artificial intelligence (AI) in real time (while making a kick or after it) or asynchronously (a video with a detailed analysis of every movement phase). This allows to be as effective as possible while training and to get the desired result qualitatively and faster.