Golf is nearly the most expensive sport.

Golf is nearly the most expensive sport. The equipment, playing field renting, uniform – it all costs much. But one of the most significant parts of costs goes for the trainer.

Golf clubs practice making individual and group trainings in mini-groups of 2-3 persons. Specialists claim that beginners need at least 10 lessons with trainer in order to take the field on their own.
But what if we say that it’s not true? And that you just need to install UpT, the platform instructing you how to play golf and do other sports: court tennis, martial arts and so on.

The service UpT is designed in such a way that it allows you to train without a trainer and still get significant results. You choose the time of trainings yourself; you don’t have to adapt your daily routine to someone’s timetable. You can choose any tutor in your sport, even the Olympic champions and the most famous sportsmen, even those who are members of the National Association of professional golf players.

At the same time there is no place for template-based online trainings. This platform allows its users to improve their kicking technique, standing position and golf club position distantly, but still individually, considering all the possibilities, opportunities and physical particularities of a sportsman.