We elevate training process in golf and tennis to another level with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

AI algorithms seamlessly identify the errors and provide pro level tips and fixes.

All to improve overall training efficiency and help athletes to progress faster.
Your personal trainer
We give access to the technologies that used to be available to the professional sport only. Today any amateur, professional or coach can benefit from the most advanced AI sport application simply by using a smartphone.
UpT is developed by experts
In a collaboration with the leading video analysis experts, we have developed groundbreaking solution, that enables athlete of any level to get instant analysis of swing sequence, posture, grip and other core technique elements.
Back swing, Down swing, Impact, Follow through
AI mark and analyze the swing sequence at the blink of the eye
AI captures athlete's set up, posture, grip and swing sequence, identify errors and return with a crisp and clear assessment of what is good and what is required to be fixed and how. It takes into consideration the athlete's biomechanics and physical conditions. On top of this AI warns athletes about potential injuries caused by the errors in technique.
Get access to the top coaches around the world.
We provide unique opportunities to get pro tips on top of the automated analysis.
Tennis and Golf
Different roles
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User friendly interface helps to make user experience seamless and enjoyable.

It is all about focusing on the training process.
We use the most precise and powerful AI systems to analyze a large number of the biometric proxies during the training process. We capture, process and mark every bit of the swing to have a 360 view to the athlete's current and potential capabilities.

AI will get educated constantly. The more videos it will process the more precise advisory will become.
Computer vision
We don't use any telemetric markers, high speed cameras or other special equipment. We use markerless technology and regular smartphone only. We mark every element of the swing sequence, angles, posture.
Motion analysis
Technologies implemented
Moscow, Skolkovo Innovation center
Alex Trashcheev + 7 903 432 61 70
Maxim Frolov +971 58 503 6902
ceo@sintez.llc cmo@sintez.llc
Developed in a collaboration with the Russian Tennis Federation and the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation