How to earn on the UpT platform
UpT allows coaches to analyze golfers' videos remotely and provide recommendations for improving technique, as well as receive a percentage of the payment of their students' plans or from attracting new coaches to the system.
Video Analysis
Video Analysis Algorithm
  • The coach registers and independently determines the cost of a single video analysis.
  • Users send their video for analysis to the coach through the application.
  • After completing the analysis and providing recommendations, the coach receives UpTcoins.
  • The coach can exchange the received UpTcoins for real money.
Connecting golfers
Algorithm for connecting golfers
  • Each coach is provided with a unique code.
  • If a golfer enters the coach's code when registering and paying for an annual PRO plan, they get the 13th month of the PRO plan usage for free.
  • The coach receives 20% of the cost of purchasing the annual plan by the golfer at the first payment.
  • For subsequent payments of the annual PRO plan by the golfer, the coach receives 5% of its cost.
  • The number of users that a coach can connect is not limited.
Connecting other coaches
Algorithm for connecting trainers
  • The coach can connect another coach to the system using their unique code.
  • When the connected coach's students pay for the plan, the initiating coach receives 5% of the cost.
Example of calculations
Video Analysis
If a coach has 50 students, the analysis cost is $20, the coach gets $10 they analyze 1 video per week, analyze 4 videos per month, 48 videos per year

50 golfers * 48 videos per year * $10 per video = $24,000 per year
Connecting golfers
The coach invited 50 golfers, the annual application fee is $100, the coach receives 20%=$20

50*20= $1 000
Connecting other coaches
The coach invited 5 coaches each with 10 golfers he gets 5% from 50 golfers

$24000 - 5% = $1 200
In total, the coach can earn $26,200 with UpT