UpT - Your AI-Enhanced Personal Golf Trainer
UpT: An AI-powered app tailored to enhance and personalize your golf training experience
Golf is a beautiful sport, and its popularity is growing every year. However, to truly enjoy the game, numerous training sessions are necessary which can be quite tiring and sometimes ineffective. This can be addressed with UpT.Golf - an app for golfers and coaches that combines the latest achievements in computer vision and artificial intelligence. For golfers, the app helps significantly improve their game technique, while for coaches, it's a tool to earn money.
How the app can be useful for golfers
A golfer sets up their smartphone on a tripod and records a training video. The artificial intelligence analyzes the movement, identifies phases and key mistakes, and provides recommendations for improving technique.

The video can then be sent to a coach who will further analyze, mark the motion, and provide text and audio recommendations on the phases of the stroke, pointing out any mistakes (additional payment to the coach).
UPT.ai Golf coaching with AI Personalized coach selection on the platform One of the key advantages is the ability to select coaches on the platform and send them recordings for detailed analysis. All coaches registered on UpT.Golf undergo a mandatory check. They are either high-level players or coaches with PGI certification.
How the app can be useful for coaches For coaches, UpT offers opportunities that help them earn money and work remotely:

  1. Preparation of reports on a player's key mistakes Based on video analysis, coaches can prepare paid reports on the player's main mistakes and provide personalized recommendations based on their experience. While compiling the report, the GPT-based system assists coaches, reducing the time required to write recommendations.
  2. Accelerated analysis with automatic video trimming The auto video preparation feature allows coaches to speed up the analysis process and focus on the key moments of the swing.
  3. Ability to analyze strokes from anywhere in the world With the remote analysis feature, coaches can work with students from anywhere in the world, expanding their client base and increasing their income.
UpT for Coaches
Why a coach's season can be year-round with UpT
Thanks to remote training and analysis capabilities, coaches can work all year round, regardless of weather conditions or season. This allows coaches to boost their income and offer their services to a broader range of clients, while golfers can practice their swing at home or in the office. All they need is a tripod, phone, and a catching net for practice. Now there's the opportunity to work with one's coach from any location.
UpT Office Golf
Application Advantages
UpT.Golf employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies to analyze videos and provide recommendations for improving gameplay techniques. The application records videos at 240 frames per second, capturing every phase of the swing. UpT features for golfers and coaches include:
  1. Personalized recommendations and advice from professional coaches
  2. Game technique analysis using AI and computer vision
  3. Option to send swing recordings for detailed analysis
  4. Support for the golfer and coach community
  5. Integration with golf trackers and fitness trackers
  6. Ability to save videos on a server to track progress
  7. Opportunity to compare swing videos with top players
  8. Hosting internal competitions and interacting with clients on the platform

Company and Its Achievements UpT was developed by the multinational company "Sintez" by a team of professional coaches and AI specialists. The project participated in several international accelerators in China, Japan, and the Australian Gold Coast Innovation Hub. It was nominated for the title of Best Sports Project at the Australian GOLD COAST SPORTS AWARDS in March 2023, even before the official sales of the app began.
UpT founder in Cairns, Australia
Competing Solutions in the Market While there are similar solutions in the golf app market, the startup UpT has taken the best of these and crafted its version with functionality surpassing V1 and others.

Overall, UpT is an excellent tool for golf training, download it now and see for yourself.

Best Regards, Alex Traw
The Founder